How to Craigslist

Craigslist is actually pretty amazing. You get to meet interesting people and find pretty fantastic deals. Here's a few quick "how-to's" to get you started. Be safe out there.

1. Be open-minded

You’d be amazed what a coat a paint can do to transform a piece.

2. Email right away

If you like something email or call immediately, let them know you are interested you never know who else is looking and if you wait too long you might miss out.

3. Ask questions

A few great questions to ask: What's the condition? What are the dimensions? Why are they selling? Where is it from? Can I look at it first?

4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Most sellers would be willing to knock off a few dollars. Just ask, it can’t hurt.

5. Do your research

Not sure if something is a good deal, do a little online research, you’d be amazed by typing in a few key words how quickly you’ll be able to find a similar product and then you can judge whether you are getting a good deal.

6. Pick-ups

Either see if you can meet somewhere of if you are picking up from someone’s home I recommend bring someone with you.

7. Don't sweat it

If you bring it home and don’t love it, just put it back on Craigslist.